Announcing version 0.3!

Version 0.3 is the newest version that Access IC Lab release our NoC simulation tool. Welcome to download it, and repeat our work!

Support the Beltway routing!

Support the Proactive thermal budget based adaptive routing!

Support the Thermal-aware buffer allocation based adaptive routing!

What is Access Noxim with Hotspot?

The Access Noxim is a co-simulation platform for 3D NoC system that couples the network model, power model and thermal model. We integrate Noxim and HotSpot , and adopt the power model of Intel’s 80-core processor . Noxim is a cycle-accurate SystemC NoC simulator, and HotSpot provides the architecture-level thermal model. To coupling with HotSpot, the NoC simulator should convert its architecture-level floorplan and power trace to chip-level physical floorplan and power trace. We first add the model of basic 3D router and the DimDe router, and we extend Noxim to be able to generate 3D architectures of NoC based on user-defined parameters of dimension. Then a module is inserted for automatically converting the architecture-level floorplan to physical floorplan. During network traffic simulation, a power trace is generated based on the power model of the NoC. The power trace and physical floorplan are used as inputs of the thermal simulation. In the proposed simulator, the tile geometry and power model are based on Intel’s 80-core chip.

Why Traffic-Thermal Mutual-Coupling Co-simulation?

Thermal issue is one of the major challenges in the research field of three-dimensional (3D) IC. Network-on-Chip (NoC) has been viewed as a practical communication infrastructure in 3D IC. To facilitate such research, an accurate and non-proprietary environment for simulating the NoC traffic and temperature is necessary.
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